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The Strongest Companies Use Partners!

Croxton Technology has partnered with DigitalJetstream LLC. to be the company that provides backup services for some of our offerings. As a technology company we provide all in house functions with a superior staff to assist you with all your needs. The decision to partner with DigitalJetstream LLC. was a no brainer in the technology world. DigitalJetstream LLC. has been a leader in innovative and new computer technology for years. They have a national footprint in their VOIP communication services. They have a strong technical and experienced staff to assist the technical community in their help desk knowledgebase. 

DigitalJetstream LLC. technicians mainly deal with the components of Global Network Systems. They deal with software, technician support, VoIP telecommunications, coaching, training,  and a host of other technological services. They support many companies from small businesses to midsized enterprise applications. DigitalJetstream builds systems from components and loads the operating system software on to the networks remotely.

DigitalJetstream LLC. has proven to be wildly successful as is becoming more and more important in our daily lives, there is a growing demand for skilled professionals who can offer quality technical support. DigitalJetstream LLC. fills this need, and while their specific responsibilities can vary from position to position, duties often include:

Installing hardware and software systems

  • Maintaining or repairing unresponsive equipment or software
  • Troubleshooting a variety of computer and network issues   
  • Setting up computer security measures and monitoring them
  • Configuring computer networks and expandable mainframes
  • Offering technical support on-site or via phone or email or online computer mirroring. 

DigitalJetstream LLC. technician staff has....

  • A logical mindset for devices and critical thinking skills necessary to make appropriate decisions on how to solve a particular problem. 
  • Curiosity to continually learn how things work. DigitalJetstream LLC. technicians like what they do and have a passionate interest in computer technology. Given the continually changing nature of computers & technology, new technologies emerge and require continual learning.
  • Patience: Diagnosing and repairing computer problems can be a time-consuming process.
  • Good communication: DigitalJetstream technicians have the ability to explain to the end user what the problem is, the solution, and how to prevent problems in the future without the use of too much technical jargon that will confuse the user.
  • A positive attitude:  Someone who has computer problems may have attempted to solve the situation on their own to no avail. They may become angry and frustrated. A positive attitude is a necessity when dealing with people.

DigitalJetstream & Croxton Technology are proud to bring you best of service through or partnering.

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